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What we do

We are a yard that is solely dedicated to providing a trustworthy quality livery service and training.  We are an ideal choice for the competitive amateur rider, particularly those that showjump.  Thundry is run to a professional standard having the facilities of a larger yard, yet the feel of a private yard, a friendly place where people can come to enjoy their horse and riding, whatever they do.   

Three grades of livery service are offered to cater for different owner needs and budgets.  All have the highest level of care and attention to detail, based on the same formula that we have used for over 30 years for the production and welfare of our own competition horses, so you do not have to worry about the wellbeing of your horse.  We do not have DIY liveries as we feel it can upset the yard routine for the horses.   

Livery places are limited  to ensure a personal service and facilities are not over crowded.  Our  maximum horse / groom ratio is 5:1, so that staff are not over stretched and have the time to do a thorough job, each horse getting some quality 1-2-1 time.  

We know the decision on where your horse lives and where to base yourself is not taken lightly.  So the following information is more detailed, of course, the best way to get a feel for the yard, see the facilities and ask as many questions as you want, is to come and see us in person.  


The horses are fed 6 times a day, including an evening check and feed,  with a high fibre, low starch, and sugar diet (Dengie & Saracens).  Haylage is standard,  we make some of our own and also buy from a local supplier, all from meadow grass. 


if someone is going to a show all the horses are fed early, by the staff.   Your hay net will be filled ready for the day out.  Feed is provided for stay away shows. 

Any feed supplements your horses has, will be fed.  We can also source these for you and recharge them on the monthly invoice. 


Thundry Farm is a Stamp Out Strangles Champion Yard.  This means is we ask for a strangles test, prior to horses arriving, to ensure that the horse is not a carrier.  Once horses arrive they are quarantined to guard against any cross-infection of things such as, flu, herpes, ringworm, which can be easily picked up in transport.  All equipment is cleaned and disinfected.   The horse will be turned out in a dedicated paddock for a month, and avoid the horse walker and close contact.  We do not isolate the horse as it must be a balance between protection and the horse being settled in its new environment.


Once horses arrive they are wormed with a broad spectrum wormer, along with a pro/prebiotic paste to restore their gut flora.   We worm once a year in the winter months and worm count throughout the year.  We are proud to say that our worm counts are routinely zero.

When we travel to shows we aim to limit the transmission of infection by cleaning the lorry with a long-acting disinfectant, keeping our distance from other horses at a show, and using the same disinfectant for stay away stables.

As athletes the horses need to be kept supple and sound, we have contacts with excellent sports vets, farriers and bodyworkers.  The client's own practitioners are also welcome.   For our Silver and Gold liveries we will perform follow up physio stretches at grooming time.


We can provide a full rehab and treatment program for Gold liveries.  Walking in hand multiple times a day, controlled work programs, small corrals for recovery, treatments administered.   We are available to take horses for short term stays to provide this service.


A work programme is prepared each week so that the horse has a variety of work, including some field time each day in our individual post & rail paddocks.   The programme takes into account when the owner is coming to ride and their aims.


Christine limits the coaching of external clients to the afternoon so that the school is solely available for resident clients in the morning, although you are not restricted to this time.   The only time the school is reserved for sole use is if a horse is coming back into work or is just being ridden where safety has to be considered.   We do not hire out the school.  


The exercise we provide depends on the livery package you choose.  Basic - no exercise just a leg stretch via horsewalker or turnout; Silver - one groundwork session a week, horsewalker twice a day and turn out; Gold -  a variety hacking, lunging, school work, and coaching.   


We have good access to sandy hacking and a riding scheme on Hamptons Estates, with a small amount of road work on a lane.  We also have access to our own fields which we often use for a cool down after a schooling session.


Our care package is provided to our Silver and Gold liveries. 

Horses are fully groomed each day at afternoon stables.  We start with a rubber massage pad which stimulates blood flow whilst lifting dirt from the coat.  This is then followed with a brisk brush using a 'flick'  brush to tone the muscle and remove the dirt.  Our grooming method allows us to pick up on any tight spots the horse has.   If you have a massage pad for your horse we can put this on after grooming, as well as any routine stretches.  Horses are finished off with showsheen to the tails. 

When we prepare a horse for work we start with grooming off, checking the horse over, and removing any stable stains.   Aftercare includes washing off, if necessary, with warm water and optionally any muscle wash product you provide.

The horses are kept trimmed (not whiskers) and clean as we have hot water and heat lamps.  Clipping is included within the Gold livery and is available as an extra charge to Silver and Bronze liveries.  


Bridles and girths are cleaned every day, the bit is removed and washed.   Full deep tack cleaning of bridles, saddles, headcollars is performed regularly.

All rugs, saddle pads, bandages that are washable in a normal size machine, e.g. summer sheets, are washed regularly by us.  Work boots are washed each day.   We will package and send away all other rugs for cleaning, which will be charged via your monthly invoice, at cost.  

We do include: daily bridle and girth cleaning, boot wash, and sending away night rugs for cleaning for Bronze liveries.   All other washing is to be done by the owner, off-site.



I have two horses in livery at Thundry and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  The horses are very well cared for and have an excellent routine and feeding program which ensures they are happy and content........

As a company director, I need to know that my horses are cared for and ridden properly when I am not there.  I can trust Christine and the team to do this which lets me put 100% focus into my work

Christine and everybody at the yard were fantastic helping us settle, and keep our horse happy during our Transatlantic move to the UK from Canada. Christine is a fantastic coach who helped me improve my riding substantially.


I have been a livery with Christine for 3 years now and have not looked back. With a full-time job and young children, I don’t think I would be able to have horse if Thundry didn’t exist! The standard of care is impeccable and the livery is a lot more than just “livery” - it is more of a management programme tailored for each horse which ensures to bring the best out of your horse.


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