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Where it all started

Christine rode for a number of years whenever she could, having structured training at BHS riding schools and less structured training riding out.  Christine had met Corinne Bracken at one of the places she rode at weekly and when Christine got her first horse it was kept at the yard.  It was a showjumping yard that brought horses on to sell, with a riding school on the side.  Christine was encouraged to compete in the Showjumping competitions... and the rest as they say is history.


Having got the bug for jumping and now the owners of a number of horses, in 1987 Paul and Christine Shubrook bought Thundry Farm, as they could not find the facilities they needed in a livery yard for their horses, and set about setting up their own yard focussing on the breeding and production of sports horses.   Corinne was employed as the professional rider to provide training to both horse and rider. 

Corinne came from the background of working hands-on, a practical person who had learned how to make the most out of any horse she was given through feel and experimenting.  Learning by watching how the best riders worked  Christine worked in IT, as a systems analyst, so was used to structure, planning and training.  The two combined their skills to make Thundry what it is.  

As Corinne’s talent for riding developed, she and Christine attended clinics presented by many international riders, and their enthusiasm and knowledge of training increased.


Corinne Bracken worked for Thundry Farm for over 20 years. During that time Christine was Corinne’s ground person and together they developed young horses. One of which was Catherston Zulu who was BSJA National Grade B Champion in 2000.  When Corinne stopped riding she went on to manage the GB Young Riders, UKCC Coach Educator, and numerous other performance management roles.  We are very pleased by her achievements and proud of her starting point with us.

Today, the farm, under the daily management of Christine, offers a range of services for the competitive horse owner, especially those who due to other commitments are not able to tend to their horse on a regular basis.  Having worked full time and competed Christine has an insight to the peace of mind needed when you can't always see your horse every day and are an amateur rider, competing for the enjoyment and personal challenge.

In 2007 Christine decided, encouraged by Corinne, to gain the qualifications to recognise her own talents as a coach and obtained a UKCC level 3 (showjump specific) qualification.   She has since gone on to be a NLP Practitioner for Sport, a Center10 Advanced Applied Phycology for Equestrian Coaches accredited coach and part of the National Development Program for Coaching Excellence.

Clients recognise that Christine has an ability to encourage the rider to develop their own skills, whilst providing informative instruction to help them train their horses thus building confidence as a pair.  Her passion is to encourage amateur riders to be the best they can be, like she was encouraged to all those years ago.  Christine is still out jumping.

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