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1-2-1 Staycation Coaching Package.

The Full Story

This package offers you all of the coaching elements we have to offer over a two-day period at a discounted price.​
Ideal as a booster or to kick start your jumping.

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Centre10 Advanced APEC 
Coach NLP Practioner for sport

Goal Setting - Mindset coaching.

Allowing the rider's mind to work for them, not against them.


BS Accredited
Level III Coach

Ridden Coaching

Polework to jumps at your defined height.


Testt® Certified Coach

Body Awareness.

Techniques to waken rider's awareness to their position and body symmetry.

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  • Overnight stable

  • Shower & toilet on site.

  • Arrive on day 1 

    • Ridden rider position assessment using Testt®​

    • Goal setting session

    • Ridden jumping(or polework) session working with exercises to improve technique, skills & rideability.

  • Day 2​

    • Ridden jump session (can be poles) lines & ringcraft. ​

email to book 

pheobe bluechip 2016.jpg
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