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Polework for Balance Clinic


Christine Shubrook BS Accredited Coach.

This session will work on exercises using poles, mainly in trot and some canter over single poles, to improve horse & rider balance.
There will be focus on gaining the skills needed as the basis for jumping a course of fences - rhythm, correct bend, adjustable canter, straightness and energy.

Polework for Balance Clinic

This session will be good for:
- getting young horses out to a different venue
- strengthening horses coming back into work
- make a change for dressage horses.
- rider balance and accuracy
- rideability training for jumping horses
Maximum 3 in the group
30 minute 1-2-1 sessions are available, which maybe a better option for horses first trip out or those that are excitable in a group.
Don't forget we have an indoor school so the weather and light aren't a problem, and neither is the sun!.
Email me at - with any questions.

Sunday 15th September


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