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Lizzie Murray Dressage or Flatwork for Jumping


Lizzie Murray - Accredited BD Coach.

Lizzie Murray will be with us to share her many years of knowledge and training, so we can train our horses to be responsive, flexible, strong, symmetrical and in the best physical shape they can be.
For those competing in Dressage, she can advise on technical and tactical tips to gain those extra marks.
Jumping horses benefit from a better canter, and riders from being able to ride an accurate approach to a fence.

Lizzie Murray Dressage or Flatwork for Jumping

Lizzie is a
- UKCC level 3 Coach.
- BD List 2 Judge.
- SHB(GB) Hunter and Sports Horse Judge.
- International Grand Prix Dressage Rider.

She is an asset to all levels of rider in all disciplines.
Having trained with many of the worlds leading trainers over the years and ridden in all disciplines herself, she offers a varied approach to problems and finds a solution to bring out the best in horse and rider, whatever the level they are trying to achieve.

£70 per rider 45 minute private session OR bring a friend and share a session £40 per rider.

Tuesday 21st May

£70 / £40

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