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'Big School' Young Horse Polework Workshop


Christine Shubrook - BS Accredited Coach

The purpose behind this workshop series is to educate young horses in traveling out to a venue, doing some work and returning home whilst remaining calm…. time for Big School and putting on Big Pants!

'Big School' Young Horse Polework Workshop

This series has been arranged so that horses can travel out, on a regular basis, to somewhere that is a little more controlled and not as pressured as a busy show venue. They will then have a short individual polework session, which can progress over the 3 sessions at their pace. The fourth and final session will be a group polework session.
These sessions will each have a goal so we incrementally build trust and skills. Polework is an excellent way to introduce horses to jumping, improve proprioception and developer technical skills.

April, weekly. Group session 25th May


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