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"Let get Going Clinic" - 2 Day Jump Training Camp


Christine Shubrook - BS Accredited Coach.

This clinic is for younger horses that are ready to give their education a bit of a boost OR for horses/riders that are returning from a break. In both cases we are looking to build confidence in both horse & rider and work on rideability ………. So lets get going! Have an intensive training session and move on to the next level.
Three mounted sessions two unmounted sessions. In the unmounted sessions we will look at how the rider can prepare physically and mentally for competition or the next step

"Let get Going Clinic"  - 2  Day Jump Training Camp

Over the two days we will look at what skills the horse and rider need to work on to enable them to jump smoothly around a course.
We will do some polework to allow us to examine and refine the approach to and departure from the fence, without being concerned about a fence. This will also work on balance and co-ordination. In another session we will refine jump technique of the horse and reaction time of the rider with gymnastic exercises. On the second day we will put our learning and improvements to the test by putting together fences to form a course.
The unmounted sessions will look at: how we plan a training programme towards initial competitions or taking the next step, what walking the course can tell us and how to identify the challenges.

Saturday 4th May & Sunday 5th May


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