Saddle Check and Review with Victoria Sheehy

The session will consist of Victoria assessing the saddle on the horse with and without a rider, on the flat and over a fence. She will then make suggestion for any alterations. She will be able to make some adjustments there and then, enabling you to ride in the saddle afterwards to re-assess the change.

This workshop will be particularly useful those participating in the Andy Thomas Rider Symmetry workshop the following day. With the saddle being the connection between you and the horse, if it isn't symmetrical and straight you can't be either.

Saddle Check and Review with Victoria Sheehy

Saturday 23rd July from 9;00AM

Whilst coaching I find that many riders are asking about saddles and saddlers. Often, they want a different view point or some input to the type of saddle that might work. I frequently see saddles that are out of balance, which makes it impossible for the rider to be in balance over a fence. So, I have arranged this session with our saddler Victoria Sheely so I can share her with you all! After all happy horses and riders makes for easier coaching!

If you have an alternative saddle and you would like to know if it fits your horse, bring it along and she can give you her view. Victoria will also have some saddles with her should you want to try something else and can suggest alternatives which you can source and she can fit another time. Christine will also be on hand to offer coaching support.

I find Victoria an excellent listener and someone who wants the best for horse and rider. She adjusts my saddle not just for the comfort of the horse, but so it works for my balance as a rider. I know that I only need to be ‘tipping back’ a fraction and it gives me back pain. She understands this and will add the smallest of flock to get me just right. One of my horses is on the ‘downhill’ side, she adjusts my saddle flock so that it has limited impact on my balance.
Following competing at a three day and four day show within a month both my horses had their six monthly teeth, vaccines and vet check. My vet commented that my saddles must be well fitted as both horses felt great through their backs and hind quarters. I think this is the best testament to the attention to detail Victoria gives them.