Excellent routine...

I have four horses in full livery at Thundry and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The horses are very well cared for and have an excellent routine and feeding program which ensures they are happy and content.
Christine has put a lot of work into fine tuning my riding and, as a result, we travelled down to Portugal earlier this year to compete in the Sunshine tour and even managed to gain a few placings and we had a great time!
As a company director, I need to know that my horses are cared for and ridden properly when I am not there. I can trust Christine and the team to do this which lets me put 100% focus into my work.

Faye Noble-Evans

Photo crop A
Photo crop A

impeccable standard of fitness and health . . . . .

I have had two horses at Thundry for the past year, and in that year, not only have both horses achieved an impeccable standard of fitness and health, my own riding has improved beyond belief and I have achieved various small ambitions such as competing confidently at amateur level at three day shows around the country (with great results). I am confident that at this yard I am making the most out of my horses and my riding skill – and I know there is more to come. Christine Shubrook’s teaching style works for me like no other – she will hit the nail on the head with her explanations and help me to make sense of what happening, not only with my own bio-mechanics but the result of them on the horses.

There have been many marvellous ‘penny-drop’ moments. Moreover, she clearly enjoys the good results and will go out of her way to help me achieve them. It’s a small, friendly, private yard, with five-star facilities, where we all come to enjoy our sport, our hobby and each other’s company. I have had horses in various livery establishments over the past twenty-five years – this is certainly the best, the one where I have worried about my horses the least, and the one I would recommend over and over again. My horses are at their happiest and that speaks for itself.


gold standard in full livery . . . . . .

I have been in a number of 'full' livery yards over the years but Thundry is the only one which doesn't just offer but actually delivers on the service promise. As Owner/Manager Christine is on site to offer assistance and guidance be that for coaching, stable management, nutrition or any other concern. Christines team are brilliant; led by Head Groom Emma, they ensure the standard of care and attention to detail is maintained at 100%, nothing is too much trouble and even the most particular owner and/or horse is catered for, they are truly looked after as if they were Christine's own. My horse Jojo had a bad reaction to a drug and needed special care, the team were amazing, the grooms were getting up in the middle of the night to check him, his fluid intake measured and monitored, everything noted and recorded to help the vets. I couldn't ask for more and have no hesitation in recommending Thundry to anyone who is looking for the Gold Standard in full livery


Passport crop

Life saver...

Thundry has been a life saver for me - I have had horses in full livery, rehab, and retirement and all are looked after as if they were Christine’s own horses. The attention to their wellbeing is first class and it’s easy to spot horses from Thundry as they are always in perfect condition! Its a friendly yard and whether you want to ride your horse once a day or once a month you can rest assured he/she is having the finest equestrian care !

Jill Thomas

High standard ...

On arrival the yard was very clean and tidy and gave a good first impression. High standards of horse husbandry and training were apparent. This yard constantly performs above average. Continuous BHS approval is supported

Passport crop

BHS inspection 2009
(not pre-arranged)

Listened to my concerns ...

Christine has done wonders for my confidence in just a few sessions. She actually listened to my concerns & then made positive and constructive comments on my riding. Rather than try to change me or my horse she has worked with us to improve what we can achieve as a partnership.


Really enjoyed ...

I don't think I have ever really thanked you enough for all the time and effort you have put in with me and my riding. I know that I can be incredibly difficult, coming every day for a week and then disappearing for a month. But I am SO thankful for all your help. I have really enjoyed all my lessons with you and I know that my riding has improved heaps. Hopefully after university I will have a chance to really get back into riding and competing again. Dad has promised that he will always continue to fund me when I can fully commit time wise.


B panoramic

come on leaps and bounds...

Thundry Farm has been my life saver!, before coming to training with Christine, my riding was going down hill and my confidence was going rapidly. I first came to Thundry to do work experience, which I loved! The horses are all so happy and extremely well looked after. They have a good routine and Thundry has brilliant facility's to cater for their routines. Every one on the yard are also so friendly and happy. Christine is an amazing trainer, she listens to you , and helps you in every single way ! I have come on leaps and bounds with my horse and couldn't have done it without her! My dream is to keep showjumping and I know that the only person to help me get there is Christine. I recommend Thundry to any one who wants a chance at achieving their dreams! '


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A special environment...

I first came to Thundry 5 years ago as a very green 39 year old who had spent only two years competing at riding club level. Since then I have had the unique opportunity to be in the correct show jumping environment at Thundry, surrounded by professional people who not only help your horse with its development, physical well being and careful feeding plan, but also possess a genuine desire to help amateur riders reach their full potential by having a structured training plan, coupled with attainable target goals and ongoing steady monitoring at all times which helps hardwire technique until it becomes second nature.
It is this special environment which has fast tracked me within the BSJA in such a short time to be able to jump confidently and competitively at 1.10 and enjoy the sport to its maximum while the 5 star attention given to my two horses has helped them through difficult times temperamentally, and physically speaking leaving me time to run a large company and even have a social life.

This value for money to achieve goals outside your wildest dreams is what I pay for at Thundry. This year I competed with Thundry at Villamoura in Portugal at the CCI ** international round a 1.10/1.15 international course. To ride in the ring to hear the judge announcement “Peter Evans riding for Great Britain” has got to be a life high point, think about it! Well done Thundry and thank you.

Peter Evans

Managing Director
United Services Group

Partnership and trust...

Without Christine I do not know where my riding would be! Christine has not only transformed the way that I ride, but the way my horse goes too. Christine sets out exercises that challenge, making both horse and rider think, therefore allowing the partnership and trust to flourish. The way Christine instructs means the aim of the lesson is accomplished by the end - then practiced at home and again with Christine until it becomes second nature. She ensures that I know 'why' I am doing an exercise or making a correction. She always asks me questions to ensure I understand. She is very thorough, concise, understanding and patient.
When I go to BSJA and walk the course, I always know "I can do this turn" or "this fence/approach needs to be ridden to like this...in order to be clear" because we have worked on it at Thundry. I KNOW I MUST HAVE A PLAN!

Passport crop

Yet if have made a mistake or something has not gone the way that I have wanted, Christine always helps me work on the problem until it is perfected. The next time I'm out competing, I'm able to go into the ring with confidence knowing there isn't anything Tilly and I haven't done before.
Christine inspires and I have such trust in her knowledge.


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