We offer three grades of livery service to cater for different owner needs and budgets. All with the highest level of care and attention to detail, based on the same formula that we have used for over 30 years for the production and welfare of our own competition horses. Ensuring that your horse is kept comfortable and in peak condition, so you do not have to worry about the wellbeing of your horse. It won’t be left under rugged or out in the field when it is raining. We really do do what we say we do.

We are an ideal base for the enthusiastic BS amateur owner/rider, due to our location, facilities and resident BS Accredited Level III Coach, Christine Shubrook.

The number of horses is limited to 12 full time liveries and we work to a horse/ groom ratio 1 : 5. so that facilities and staff are not over stretched. Our Daily Routine gives structure and ensures that every horse gets some 1-2-1 time and routine tasks are completed each day.

The horses have a high fibre, low starch and sugar diet and are fed 6 times a day: 7:30am,9:00, 12:30pm, 16:00pm, 17:30pm and then a late check and hayledge at between 21:30pm to 23:00pm. We will feed early if you are leaving for a show.
We have contacts with a number of equine vets and equine practitioners to keep horses at peek health.

We run a selective worming routine with horses being wormed on joining and yearly. Routine worm counts are performed through the year, with a regular result of zero.

Before joining all horses have a strangles test. This is to guard against introducing a carrier horse into the yard. Horses are then kept quarantined (not isolated) for the first month so as to give time for any other infectious diseases to show. When attending shows we take precautions against the horses bringing back infections, which all liveries sign up to. We have been complimented on our bio-security approach by both AHT and Redwings.

We have attained BHS Approval, being awarded 'High Commend', as an independent assessment of the quality of our service.

Scroll down for a description of our livery services. Please call us if you have any questions or would like to visit, see how the yard runs, and discuss your requirements.

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Quality Care

Basic Bronze

If you are available to exercise and care for your horse and its kit on a daily basis, 6 days a week, but don’t want the heavy jobs of mucking out or the hassle of ordering feed and shavings, dealing with staff cover, maintaining facilities and other yard duties, then the Basic Livery Service could suit you.

You visit your horse once a day, to perform all the necessary tasks to make your horse comfortable, and then are able to leave knowing that someone is going to be watching over your horse, feeding at regularly times and changing rugs as needed during the the day. Turning out bringing in to give a leg stretch.

One day a week will we 'do' the horse on its day off, giving you a 'yard free' day.

You will have the advantage of great facilities, on site training, people on hand to cover for routine days off or the odd day you can’t be there, and company to ride with and attend shows.

  • Daily tack cleaning of bridle
  • Washing work boots
  • Turn out and/or horsewalker session once a day. (addtion to owners exercise)
  • Day off cover, one day a week

Complete Gold

A comprehensive package, to suit the busy person with limited time who needs their horse to be kept fit and ready to go.

They need to know that if they are away, for a day, a week or a month, their horse will be manged, ridden and cared for.

Horses have an individual weekly work programme which takes into account its needs and what work the owner is planning to do within the week. This ensures every horse has the correct amount of work and a variety.

You can do as much or as little with your horse as you wish, we just need to know your plans.
This livery is also a good option for the competitive owner who wants regular coaching and mentoring.

Horses recovering from injury that require a diligent, in-hand, back to work program can also be accommodated in this package.

It includes everything within the Standard Sliver, with the addition of:

  • All ridden exercise & lunging,
  • Weekly coaching session with Christine Shubrook.
  • Clipping
  • Horse prepared for riding (at a given time), and cared for afterwards.
  • Rehab program
  • Mentoring & goal setting

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