Rider Position Analysis — 27th February 2019

With Centaur Biomechanics - Russell Guire

The way the rider sits on the horse will have a dramatic effect on its soundness, performance and development. The rider analysis sessions are designed for riders of all levels to help improve the rider's position and horse's way of going. With the use of high speed video cameras (capturing 20 x faster than the human eye), Visualise training jackets and Quintic software the rider's position and horse's way of going can be constructively analysed.

Great opportunity to focus on your riding position to ready yourself for the upcoming season, either flatwork or over fences.

Russell, who carries out the analysis, is a keen rider and competitor in dressage, was a former show jumper who has worked for Tim Stockdale and Di Lampard, as well as at the Young Rider Training Centre in Germany. He is a UKCC coach and holds a degree in Equine & Human Sports Science. He currently has a role as a PhD student at the Royal Veterinary College’s Structure & Motion Lab.

The 45 minute ridden session.
£70.00 for the day.

‘Straighten Up & Jump Right’ — 28th February 2019

With BS Approved UKCC Level 3 Coach Christine Shubrook

This one day workshop will work on pole and jumping exercises to attain and maintain straightness in your position and your horse’s way of going, using the German scales of training as a guide.
Straightness and the elements leading to it are a major factor in achieving the maximum power in your horse’s jump, your ability to ride the correct line to a fence, perform balanced turns and ongoing soundness – all of which lead to successful results.
This day works as a good follow up to the Rider Analysis clinic the previous day, which will look at how rider straightness is influencing how your horse moves and your performance.

The two ridden sessions, off horse session, light lunch.
£70.00 for the day.

‘Let's Get Going’ — 17th - 18th March 2019 2 day jumping clinic.

With BS Approved UKCC Level 3 Coach Christine Shubrook

The aim of this clinic is to get you going! Whether you - are new to competition and jumping; have a younger horse that is ready to boost their education; OR for horses/riders that are returning from a break or injury.

In all cases we are looking to build confidence in both horse & rider and work on rideability around a course………. So let’s get going! Have some intensive training and move on to the next level.

Working on rider position and development of skills in both horse and rider. In the unmounted sessions we will look at how the rider can prepare physically and mentally or competition, in a fun way!
There will be two groups of up to three riders. Riders will grouped for level, up to 90cm.
Three mounted sessions two unmounted sessions, Light lunch provided.
£120 for both days.

Creating Rider Symmetry to Improve Performance — 24th March 2019

With Andy Thomas - High Performance Human Science and Sports Medicine Advisor to the United States Equestrian Federation

We are amazingly lucky to secure a visit from this gem of a phyiso. Having treated and improved riders from the elite Olympian right down to me (Christine), he has the unique ability to know exactly what part of your body is ‘locked’, how a riders body reacts to being in the saddle, how it compensates for injury and asymmetry and best of all how to make it function again.

There are different options to resolve your lower back pain, stiff hips and tight shoulders;

--- Mounted symmetry assessment : 60 minutes evaluation on and off horse of asymmetry pattern, adjust and symmetricalise and re-evaluation on horse. Rehabilitation programme provided with interactive app on your mobile device : cost £90

--- Unmounted symmetry assessment : 45 minutes evaluation off horse of asymmetry pattern, adjust and symmetricalise. rehabilitation programme provided with interactive app on your mobile device : cost £75

--- Physio session : 30 minutes for specific injury problems : £55

email coaching@thundry.co.uk to reserve your place.

More about Andy on his web site https://www.eventphysio.com/andy-thomas

‘Kick Start’ — 25th - 26th March 2019 2 day jumping clinic.

With BS Approved UKCC Level 3 Coach Christine Shubrook

Been in hibernation? Need a bit of a ‘sharpen up’ ready for the coming season? If you feel you need a bit of intensive work to challenge you and get your horse’s responses back up to scratch, ready to start a more determined competition schedule now the spring is here, this is the clinic for you.
This clinic is aimed at horses that have been there and done it, but maybe not for a while. They will be fit and even doing the odd show.
There will be two groups of up to three riders. Riders will grouped by ability, in the range 90cm - 1.10cm.
Three mounted sessions two unmounted sessions, Light lunch provided.
£120 for both days.

"Fast track to Confident Skills " - TBC

Want to work over poles and start on your pathway to jumping confidently?
This workshop is for:

  • Riders who want to be more confident in their riding skills, and want to begin on the journey of removing the ‘what if’s’ when going over poles or jumping.
  • Riders who would like to be able to start to jump and feel nervous about how to go about it, or their capabilities.
  • Riders who know they and their horse can jump, whose mind set is stopping them, but they can’t figure out why.

    • It will be delivered by
      • Jenni Winter – NLP Master Practitioner Performance and Mindset Coach
      • Christine Shubrook – BS Approved UKCC Level III Coach & NLP Practitioner for Sport.
        • Your first session will be 75 minutes with Jenni. You will then have 15 minutes to tack up before a 60 minute polework with Christine.
          The groups will be a maximum sizes of 3.
          When booking please state any time constraints you may have, there will be sessions throughout the day.

          Cost £65. Email coaching@thundry.co.uk to book.

More details

‘Up Your Game’ — TBC

With BS Approved UKCC Level 3 Coach Christine Shubrook &
NLP Practitioner, Confidence and Performance Coach Jenni Winter.

Any if these sound like you? Wondering about giving affiliated jumping a go, but not sure if you are good enough. Find jumping at home a breeze but it doesn't go to plan at the show. Comfortable jumping at your level, would like to move up a class, but have 'something' holding you back. Have a younger horse and feel it is time to push the boundaries, not sure if you are both ready.
If you are jumping 80cm - 90cm classes and looking to move up or just be more consistent at your level, this two day clinic will kick off your season.
Working with our two coaches, will make improvements in your ridden skills and give you psychological techniques to prepare for competition and quieten negative self-talk. You will learn why goal setting is important to riders at all levels, and how to effectively set them for a positive outcome.
The ridden sessions are designed to build your confidence, in stepping up your game, by working on technical skills and your horse’s rideability.
By the end of the clinic you will have, gained some new mental and ridden skills, be prepared for competition, have a clear plan on what you need to work on in your training to ‘up your game’ and take on the challenge of the next level.
The three ridden sessions, Goal setting session, two mindset sessions, light lunch.
£185.00 for both days.

"Tea, Cake & Train " - NAF Star Training for Ponies TBC

Many pony riders would like to gain their ‘NAF stars’, so they are eligible for the NAF style class, which has been run at the Inter Academy Show. The NAF star system has been created by British Showjumping to stimulate junior riders to create training goals and gain knowledge. It promotes good riding style and horsemanship.

The objective of this workshop is for the riders to measure where they are against the NAF standard and gain the knowledge and understanding to reach that standard, where required. If riders present their log books, and are to standard on the day I can sign them. Otherwise we can set training goals so they can be worked on and signed off another time, by any level III coach.

Each workshop will run over an afternoon and be limited to 4 riders. We will spend the first session
(90 minutes) working on the flatwork elements required at each star level and gymnastic excercises. The ponies can then retire to their transport to rest, and we (parents too!) will retire to the barn for tea, cake and an opportunity to explore the questions asked in the NAF log book about horse and rider wellbeing, and discuss possible answers with each other. Worksheets will also be provided. Refreshed, we will remount and work on the skills needed for jumping a good course, focusing on the techincal skills required at each level.

FOR THE 1*& 2* -. Riders should already be jumping consistently at 80cm (British Novice).
FOR THE 3* - Riders should be already be confidently jumping a minimum of 90cm and already have achieved their NAF 2*, OR be able to ride serpentines and leg yield proficiently, to apply.

Preference will be given to those who have already contacted BS Head Office to sign up for the scheme and obtain their log book. http://www.britishshowjumping.co.uk/training/pony-5-star-performance

Cost £60. (Livery clients £50) Email coaching@thundry.co.uk to apply.

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